The goal of our 100% Climate Friendly Power program is to find the most affordable 100% climate friendly power solution that meets your needs. We have the expertise to make sure that you do not overbuy and waste resources, nor underbuy and miss your targets.

Our process:

  1. At no cost to you, we determine your carbon / greenhouse gas footprint for the electricity you use locally, regionally or globally.
  2. We provide a report with our findings, several solutions and indicative pricing.
  3. We discuss the options and your organization’s climate friendly power goals.
  4. We provide pricing for your preferred solution(s).
  5. You choose and we execute your climate friendly power choice.
  6. An independent licensed accounting firm audits the climate friendly power purchases we make on your behalf to confirm that they are being completed as promised.
  7. We issue Climate Friendly Power certificates that detail how you are fighting climate change. This information is also included at the publicly accessible database at the website.
  8. We help your organization meet any green standards or requirements, and support any public claims or advertising related to your 100% Climate Friendly Power.

To find out more or start your organization’s free carbon footprint audit, we welcome you to contact us at any time.