Balancing the equation

To make your organization carbon neutral/net-zero, you must balance the equation:

1 ton (of CO2) in = 1 ton (of CO2) out

For each ton of carbon dioxide you send into the atmosphere, you must take a ton of CO2 out.​

This is a 2-step process:

First, you quantify your CO2 emissions.


Then, you purchase carbon offsets to balance the equation (1 ton in) = (1 ton out).

Offset Solutions

What's the best offset solution?

The best offset solution is to buy and cancel carbon emission allowances​ from government regulated cap and trade markets

Based on Canada Energy’s 20 years of energy trading experience, we have found that the best offset solution is to buy and cancel carbon emission allowances from government regulated cap and trade markets. Find out why, in our whitepaper “Finding the Best Carbon Offset Solution”.

How will we secure your offsets?

We'll leverage our 20-year history in energy trading to purchase your emission allowances

Having determined the best offset solution, Canada Energy has leveraged its 20-year history in energy trading to become experts in purchasing emission allowances.  We have satisfied significant financial and regulatory requirements in order to trade in these markets and are able to provide you access at the lowest cost.  To further increase your potential savings, we also offer emission allowance forwards.

Our Solutions

Whether you're just starting your efforts or are ready to buy carbon offsets, we'll find you real solutions at a reasonable cost.

Five national parks are located within the Canadian Rockies, four of which are adjacent and make up the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks. These four parks are Banff, Jasper, Kootenay and Yoho. The fifth national park, Waterton is not adjacent to the others. Waterton lies farther south, straddling the U.S./Canadian border as the Canadian half of the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park. All five of these parks, combined with three British Columbia provincial parks, were declared a single UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984 for the unique mountain landscapes found there.

Calculate your emissions

The Bow River is a river in the Canadian province of Alberta. It begins in the Rocky Mountains and winds through the Alberta foothills onto the prairies before joining the Oldman River.

Lock in today's low prices

Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Move towards net-zero electricity


Calculate your emissions

The first step in making your organization net-zero/carbon neutral is to determine your carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. ​

Emissions can be divided into 3 scopes

Scope 1

Emissions from your organization’s activities, excluding ones related to your electricity usage.

Scope 2

Emissions from the electricity you use.

Scope 3

Emissions created by customers using your products or services.

Most organizations other than oil companies and financial firms are not responsible for scope 3. However, all organizations are responsible for scopes 1 and 2, with scope 2 normally making up over 75% of emissions. It is therefore recommended to focus on scope 2 first.

Scope 2 makes up 75% of emissions

Carbon emissions from electricity you use

We're scope 2 experts​

Canada Energy has a 20-year history in the electricity sector, giving us the knowledge to correctly determine your organization’s scope 2 emissions.


Lock in today's low prices

If your organization knows its scope 1, 2 or 3 emissions, we can lock in today’s low carbon offset prices for future years. The potential savings can be significant.

The price of carbon is on an upward trend

With the increased focus on climate change and stricter emission reduction targets, the price of carbon offsets is on an upward trend. For example, the carbon offset price for 1 ton of CO2 in the European ETS market rose by 100% from 2020 to 2021.

EU ETS Offset Prices

To avoid this, we offer Carbon Offset Forwards which lock in today’s prices for a set period of time into the future, up to 5 years. You will receive your required quantity of offsets each contracted future year at this year’s price. If you instead purchase your carbon offsets as you go, as most organizations currently do, you will most likely pay much more. The projected savings are significant.

Lock in today's low prices for up to 5 years

Save with Forwards​

We offer Carbon Offset Forwards which lock in today’s prices for a set period of time into the future, up to 5 years.


Move towards net-zero electricity

Based on our 20-year history of licensed electricity trading and expertise in carbon offsets, Canada Energy is excited to offer net-zero/carbon neutral electricity to businesses and organizations in Ontario, Canada.

Simple to buy

Our net-zero electricity, which does not contribute to climate change, is simple to buy. You execute our Net-Zero Electricity Agreement and keep the same utility and billing. The only change is that Canada Energy becomes your electricity supplier on a single line item of your bill. Our charge is the wholesale price of power plus a small mark-up to cover the cost of the net-zero power.

Easy to understand

We create your Net-Zero Power by purchasing carbon offsets from a government regulated market, equal to the carbon dioxide emitted by the electricity you use. Our purchases are audited by an independent accounting firm and our operations are regulated by the Ontario Energy Board (we hold OEB licence number ER-2021-0135). As a result, for a reasonable cost you get electricity that does not contribute to climate change.

Become a 100% Climate Friendly Power​

Earn a certificate

On a yearly basis we will issue you a certificate declaring that you use 100% Climate Friendly Power and support any related claims you wish to make. We also provide 100% Climate Friendly Power logos and stickers which can be used to demonstrate your commitment to customers, employees, management and other stakeholders.

Take advantage of our expertise

At Canada Energy, our role is to help you offset your CO2 emissions in a quantifiable and verifiable way.

Flat prairie farmlands exist for miles and miles in Alberta before encountering the jagged peaks of the Canadian Rockies.

We're experts at carbon offsets

A herd of elk in Jasper National Park.

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