100% Climate Friendly Power is electricity that does not contribute to climate change. It can be obtained several ways, all of which are available anywhere in the globe through Canada Energy. We trade in all the top-quality and trusted markets for climate friendly / green power.

Our solutions include:

  • Green Power – Wind, solar, geothermal, low-impact hydropower.
  • Renewable Energy Credits / Certificates – A certificate issued to a green power producer that allows the environmental attributes to be sold or traded.
  • Carbon Offsets – A reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases made in order to compensate for emissions made elsewhere.
  • Carbon Credits – A tradable certificate or permit representing the right to emit a tonne of carbon dioxide. We purchase and cancel them to stop greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Reforestation – The restoration of tree cover on land that currently has no or minimal tree cover. The new trees collect and keep carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
  • Carbon sequestration – The process of capturing and storing atmospheric carbon dioxide.

We carefully analyze all the options we offer to make sure they are real and are not just greenwashing.

Our 100% climate friendly power solutions exceed the requirements of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, the most respected standard for measuring and managing emissions. Also, because of our extensive experience in the electricity sector we have the knowledge to generate solutions which meet any other green requirements or standards you need to satisfy.