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How It Works

We make your business’ electricity carbon-neutral by purchasing carbon credits from international carbon markets in order to offset the CO2 emissions produced in generating your electricity. Each credit we purchase reduces the amount of CO2 polluters can emit and creates a real, measurable and verifiable reduction in CO2 emissions. 

For example, if your organization’s electricity causes 100 metric tonnes of CO2 to be emitted in a month (1 metric tonne = 1,000 kilograms = 2,200 pounds), we would purchase and cancel 100 tonnes of carbon credits from one of a small set of top grade cap-and- trade markets around the globe (e.g. the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme). 

We first determine the COemission rates for the utilities that supply electricity to your locations. 

We purchase a quantity of carbon credits from International carbon markets that equals the metric tonnes of CO2 your organization’s electricity emits.

We cancel the purchased carbon credits, thereby reducing the overall CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. 

This reduces CO2 emissions because in a cap-and-trade market the amount of CO2 polluters may emit is limited to a specific number, say 1,000,000 tonnes per month, and the cancellation of 100 tonnes of credits reduces the total permitted emissions in the market area to 999,900 tonnes. Literally, 100 fewer tonnes of CO2 will be emitted into the atmosphere. 

Our 20 year history in the electricity sector gives us the experience and knowledge to exactly determine the CO2 emissions from the electricity you consume. Your bills have usage data down to the decimal and we know the CO2 emissions data from your power providers. This data allows us to exactly determine how many carbon credits you need. Our program therefore provides a real and quantifiable solution for fighting climate change and also avoids the over-purchase of credits. To close the loop, all of our work is audited and verified by a “big four” accounting firm. 

For the step-by-step details of how our Carbon-Neutral Power Program works, click here.  

Offset Your Business's Carbon Footprint

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