What is Canada Energy?

Canada Energy, located in Toronto, Ontario, is a gas marketer and electricity retailer licensed by the Ontario Energy Board. For the last 20 years our focus has been on using innovation and efficiency to deliver the lowest energy prices for our thousands of customers. We continue this tradition with our 5% natural gas savings program.

How does Canada Energy’s gas savings program work?
You can sign up by simply providing your name, address, and email here. There’s no need to change your current gas utility provider or your bill.

You will see Canada Energy added to your bill once we become your natural gas supplier. And you can cancel anytime without penalty!

How much can I save?
You can expect to save around 5% on your natural gas bill (see our Price Comparison for details) vs what you pay with your current gas utility provider. You will also receive regular updates detailing how much you have saved.
Do I have to sign a contract?
By participating in the Canada Energy Gas Savings program, you’ll be entering into five (5) year savings agreement. But it’s open-ended and you can cancel any time with no penalty. Cancelling is easy. No hassles or sitting on the phone. To cancel, you simply go online here.
What’s the difference between Canada Energy and my current gas company?
Gas utilities like Enbridge and Union Gas are transportation companies. Their business is to deliver natural gas. It is not allowed to make money on the purchase of it and has no incentive to find a better price. Our business is to trade natural gas and find the best available price for our customers.
How do you achieve your savings?
Utilities like Enbridge and Union Gas are not allowed to make money on the gas itself. Therefore, there is no incentive to find savings or employ smarter means to buy. They buy gas using a set long-term buying program and whatever rate they get is what you pay. At Canada Energy, we take a smarter approach: we buy gas at spot rates, meaning when gas rates go down, that’s when we buy it. We then pass those savings on to our customers!
What makes Canada Energy qualified to do what it does?
We have been in the energy business for over twenty years! We’re licensed by the Ontario Energy Board and follow strict regulations as set out by the OEB.
What sets Canada Energy apart from other gas brokers?
Since the start of our business we have focused on using innovation and efficiency to bring the lowest prices to our customers. We have succeeded with this for the last 20 years and will continue to do so with offerings like our 5 percent gas savings program. We’re the first to make our Gas Savings Program available online for our customers!

Save 5% on your home natural gas bill.

No billing changes needed

Easy sign-up

Cancel anytime with no penalty