The first step in making your organization net-zero / carbon neutral is to determine your carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. They can be divided into 3 classes:

Scope 1 – Emissions from your organization’s activities, excluding ones related to your electricity usage.

Scope 2 – Emissions from the electricity you use.

Scope 3 – Emissions created by customers using your products or services.

Most organizations other than oil companies and financial firms are not responsible for scope 3. However, all organizations are responsible for scopes 1 and 2, with scope 2 normally making up over 75% of emissions. It is therefore recommended to focus on scope 2 first.


Canada Energy has a 20-year history in the electricity sector, giving us the knowledge to correctly determine your organization’s scope 2 emissions. Contact us if you would like to learn more or are ready to have us determine your emissions.