A leading innovator in electricity​

As a leader in wholesale and retail electricity, we've developed new products that have been adopted by the industry.

Who we are

Licensed energy supplier

Canada Energy is a licensed energy supplier (Ontario Energy Board license ER-2021-0135) that has provided electricity to over 20,000 customers in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors over the last 20 years. We are the leading innovator in the wholesale and retail electricity space, having developed multiple new products that were eventually adopted by the industry as a whole.

Green energy leader

On the green energy front, we were also the first electricity retailer to offer a North America-wide LED lighting upgrade program where customers paid for their upgrades solely through their energy savings. Our customers saved money, saved energy and helped fight climate change.

Carbon offset leader

We continue to support the concept of fighting climate change through the adoption of more efficient technologies but much of the low-hanging fruit has been picked. To cover the electricity usage that cannot be eliminated through efficiencies we created our Carbon Net-Zero program.

Meet the team
Headshot of John Cowan, President and Founder of Canada Energy

John Cowan

Founder and President, Canada Energy

John Cowan is Canada Energy’s president and has been involved in the energy, electricity, and natural gas industries for over 30 years. He has been the manager and owner of businesses that supplied energy to over 200,000 customers in Ontario, Alberta, and California, and founded Canada Energy over 20 years ago. John also managed a continent-wide LED efficiency upgrade program which has been saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions for over 5 years.

Headshot of Peter Stabins, Program Designer and Senior Vice-President at Canada Energy

Peter Stabins

Program Designer and Senior Vice-President, Canada Energy

Peter Stabins is the program designer and a senior vice-president at Canada Energy. He possesses engineering, M.B.A., and law degrees, is a lawyer at Stabins Energy Law, and owns and manages businesses that do research in hydroelectric turbines, compressed air energy storage, and low impact nuclear energy. Peter has also authored the book “Ontario Electricity Trading: Regulation and Economics” and is the holder of several international hydro turbine and energy storage patents.

Canada Energy is fully independent

We're free to find the best solutions

Canada Energy is fully independent and not beholden to any one green energy option. Our interests are matched with yours — to find the most affordable and real Carbon Net Zero solution that meets your needs.

We're experts at carbon offsets

At Canada Energy, our role is to help you offset your CO2 emissions in a quantifiable and verifiable way.​

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