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Make Your Company's Electricity Carbon-Neutral.

Through carbon credit purchases, we offset the CO2 generated in your electricity use by reducing the amount of CO2 carbon emitters can produce.



How It Works

We first determine the COemission rates for the utilities that supply electricity to your locations. 

We purchase a quantity of carbon credits from International carbon markets that equals the metric tonnes of CO2 your organization’s electricity emits.

We cancel the purchased carbon credits, thereby reducing the overall CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. 

Independent third parties verify that our program helps fight climate change. 

A licensed independent professional accounting firm audits our carbon-credit purchases to verify that they cancel out the CO2 emissions from the electricity you consume. We provide you the audit reports every year. 

Our carbon credit purchases are audited by an independent licensed accounting firm so you can trust your contributions are being put to work. 

Offset Your Business's Carbon Footprint

Let your customers know you’re doing your part by participating in the Carbon-Neutral Power Program.